BMW Experience: Electric car presentation in a class of its own with Service4Charger

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When BMW unveiled its latest electric car innovation in 2021, it was clear that an event like this needed more than just impressive vehicles. A reliable and powerful charging infrastructure was essential to accommodate the guests and the models on display. Service4Charger, a leading provider of charging solutions, played a key role by equipping the Eventwerk on the Ostra Areal in Dresden with advanced charging technology.

The challenge: an event full of energy

The “BMW Experience 2021” event was an extensive presentation showcasing the latest electric vehicles from BMW. Not only the exhibition models, but also the guests’ private cars should be able to be charged during the event. This required well thought-out planning and implementation of a temporary charging infrastructure that had to be both powerful and aesthetically pleasing.

The solution: Temporary charging stations from Service4Charger

Service4Charger provided 63 mobile AC charging stations for the event. These were not only used functionally, but also integrated attractively into the overall appearance of the event. The charging stations were installed on specially manufactured wooden platforms with approach protection, which were not only safe but also visually in keeping with BMW’s high-quality image. Service4Charger also equipped the event with a mobile transformer station and two 300 kW High Power Chargers (HPC) to meet even the most demanding charging requirements.

Short-term rental as a flexible solution

The provision of the charging infrastructure by Service4Charger was an example of the efficiency and flexibility of the company’s short-term rental options. Customers who require a reliable charging infrastructure for special occasions or temporary needs can choose from a wide range of AC, DC and HPC charging solutions. Short-term rental offers a practical solution for events, trade fairs and other events where a permanent installation is not possible or economical.

Large projects with Service4Charger

Service4Charger has established itself as a preferred partner for professional charging solutions thanks to its ability to manage extensive and demanding projects. The support for “BMW Erleben 2021” demonstrated not only the technical expertise, but also the organizational know-how that Service4Charger is able to provide for major events. From planning to installation and operation of the charging infrastructure, the company ensures that every detail is perfected.

Attractive solutions for professional use

The provision of a charging infrastructure by Service4Charger goes far beyond simple functionality. The company offers solutions that are both technically innovative and aesthetically pleasing to complement and enhance its clients’ brand images. By combining high-tech components with user-friendly operation, Service4Charger ensures that every installation meets the highest standards of quality and user experience.


The “BMW Experience 2021” event was an impressive example of how Service4Charger can provide customized, flexible and powerful charging solutions for the automotive industry and beyond. With a combination of technical expertise, organizational talent and a deep understanding of its customers’ needs, Service4Charger is setting new standards in the world of electromobility.