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Complete charging infrastructure solutions

From design to operation: Your path to the perfect charging infrastructure

From the initial idea to a fully functional charging infrastructure, we accompany you every step of the way. Service4Charger offers comprehensive solutions that cover all aspects – from planning and consulting to installation, ongoing operation and maintenance. Our experienced team of permanently employed experts, the Mobile Heroes, guarantees the highest quality and reliability. Rely on our expertise to make your charging infrastructure efficient, sustainable and future-proof.

Why Service4Charger?

Your industry expert for efficient charging infrastructure

Service4Charger is your reliable partner when it comes to developing and implementing customized charging infrastructure solutions for a wide range of industries. Our extensive experience and in-depth industry knowledge enable us to offer you exactly the solutions you need to invest successfully in electromobility. Here are some reasons why Service4Charger is the ideal partner for your charging infrastructure projects:

Industry expertise

Our experience spans numerous industries, from real estate to logistics. We understand the specific requirements and challenges of each industry and develop solutions that are precisely tailored to your needs. With over 15,000 charging points installed and maintained, we have the knowledge and skills to successfully implement even the most complex projects.

Individual advice and planning

Every project is unique, which is why we offer individual advice and planning tailored precisely to your requirements. Our team of experienced experts works closely with you to develop the best solutions for your charging infrastructure – from site analysis and grid connection planning to installation and commissioning.

Reliable operation and maintenance

Our services do not end with the installation. We offer comprehensive service and maintenance packages to ensure that your charging infrastructure is operational at all times. Our Mobile Heroes are always ready to respond quickly to faults and carry out regular maintenance to minimize downtime and maximize the efficiency of your charging stations.

Strong partner network

Through our collaboration with leading manufacturers and our access to an extensive network of industry experts, we can offer you the best products and services. Our hardware-agnostic approach enables us to find the optimum solutions for your specific requirements flexibly and independently.

Service4Charger is your partner for innovative, reliable and sustainable charging infrastructure solutions. Rely on our expertise and commitment to successfully shape the future of electromobility in your industry. Together, we will make electromobility an integral part of your business model.