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AC, DC and HPC solutions - also in combination with battery storage systems
Hardware for charging infrastructure

The right hardware for your project

Choosing the right charging stations is a complex task. Numerous factors need to be taken into account, such as the number of vehicles to be charged, the charging speed, the available infrastructure, the networking of charging stations and the specific requirements of the location. Careful planning and sound decision-making are crucial to ensure an efficient and future-proof charging infrastructure. Service4Charger supports you in making the best decision.

Overview of suitable charging stations

Different requirements call for different solutions: AC charging stations are ideal for charging over longer periods of time, for example overnight in residential complexes or company parking lots. DC charging stations offer fast charging speeds and are perfect for places with high throughput, such as public charging points and shopping centers. HPC (High Power Charging) charging stations offer the highest charging performance and are ideal for heavy traffic and busy charging points such as freeway service stations and logistics centers.

Service4Charger offers a wide range of high-quality charging solutions that are precisely tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of whether you need a single charging station or a complete charging infrastructure, we have the right products and solutions for you. Rely on our expertise and our comprehensive range of services to successfully implement your electromobility projects.

Comparison of loading times

When setting up charging infrastructure, the aim is to take the interests and requirements of the target group into account in the best possible way – not to charge as quickly as possible everywhere and at all times. A different charging solution may make sense depending on how the vehicle is used and how long it is parked. It is legitimate to charge a company car at the workplace at an AC charging station if it is parked all day anyway. This method is cost-efficient and gentle on the battery.

However, if things have to be done quickly, an HPC charging station is the right choice. This enables fast charging so that the stay is as short as possible. Our graphical comparison shows an HPC charging station with a maximum output of 150 kW, which already offers significantly shorter charging times. However, there are also HPC charging stations with significantly higher power that can shorten charging times even further, provided the electric car in question can handle this power.

Household socket (max. 3.5 kW power)
approx. 22.5 h
AC charging station (11 kW power)
approx. 7 h
DC charging station (50 kW power)
approx. 1.5 h
HPC charging station (150 kW power)
0,5 h

Highly simplified display of the charging time (0 – 100%) in hours. Based on: Tesla Model 3 Long Range with 79 kWh battery capacity from 2024.

AC charging stations

Robust and efficient solution for longer service life

AC charging stations are mainly used to charge electric vehicles when they are parked for long periods, e.g. in public parking garages, in private parking spaces at home or in employee parking lots at employers. Charging capacities between 4.6 kW and 22 kW are common, which means that charging times vary between approx. two and ten hours for a full charge, depending on the vehicle type and battery capacity.

compliant with calibration law

With and without charging cable

Example of a high-quality AC charging station from the Service4Charger range: Alfen Eve Double PG-line DE. Other models available, also as wallboxes for wall mounting.

Advantages of AC charging stations

The lower purchase and installation costs make AC charging stations a cost-effective choice. Their space-saving design enables easy integration into existing infrastructures. They also offer a battery-friendly charging process with alternating current, which extends the service life of the batteries. Thanks to the low requirements for local grid connections, retrofitting AC charging stations in existing buildings is quick and easy.

Acquisition costs

AC charging stations have lower purchase and installation costs, making them a cost-effective choice for many applications.

Load management

Several charging stations can be controlled with load management and make optimum use of the available grid capacity.

Charging cable

Our AC charging stations and wallboxes are available with or without an attached (= permanently installed) charging cable.

Our manufacturers include:

DC charging stations

Powerful solutions for fast charging on the go

DC charging stations are ideal for fast charging of electric vehicles during short stops. They are often used at public charging points, in shopping centers and in urban areas. With charging capacities from 22 kW, they significantly reduce charging times compared to conventional AC charging stations. These stations enable fast and efficient charging that is perfectly tailored to the needs of users who need to get back on the road soon.

compliant with calibration law

optional: card terminal

Example of a high-quality DC charging station from the Service4Charger range: Alpitronic hyc50. One vehicle can be charged with up to 50 kW power, or alternatively two vehicles can be charged simultaneously with a maximum of 25 kW power each.

Advantages of DC charging stations

DC charging stations offer fast charging of electric vehicles with charging capacities from 22 kW, which significantly reduces waiting times. They are ideal for high-traffic locations such as public charging points, shopping centers and urban areas.

Professional installation and regular maintenance by our Mobile Heroes maximizes reliability and availability. The robust design of the DC charging stations ensures a long service life and high load capacity, even with intensive use. Service4Charger provides you with customized solutions that are supported by comprehensive services.

Loading times

Significantly reduced charging times, making charging stations perfect for locations with high throughput and shorter dwell times.


With charging capacities from 22 kW, DC charging stations offer sufficient capacity to charge electric vehicles efficiently and quickly.


With our Mobile Heroes, installing DC charging stations is child's play for you. Service & maintenance included on request.

Our manufacturers include:

HPC charging stations

High-performance solutions for ultra-fast charging

HPC (High Power Charging) charging stations are the front runners in fast charging technology and offer charging capacities from 150 kW. These charging stations are ideal for ultra-fast charging of electric vehicles and are particularly suitable for busy locations such as freeway service stations, logistics centers and petrol stations. Depending on the system, HPC charging stations can deliver significantly higher outputs (e.g. 600 kW with our i-charging solution) and are therefore also perfect for fast charging trucks. Thanks to their enormous charging capacity, they make it possible to charge vehicles in the shortest possible time and reduce downtimes to a minimum.

compliant with calibration law

including card terminal

Example of a high-quality HPC charging station from the Service4Charger range: Alpitronic Hypercharger HYC400 with a maximum charging capacity of 400 kW.

Advantages of HPC charging stations

HPC charging stations set new standards in e-mobility by offering ultra-fast charging times and exceptional performance. With charging capacities between 150 kW and 900 kW, they are perfectly tailored to the needs of busy locations and heavy goods traffic. These high-power charging stations make it possible to drastically reduce charging times, which is crucial for both cars and trucks. The integration of HPC charging stations brings with it a multitude of advantages that go far beyond the possibilities of AC and conventional DC charging stations.

Shortest loading times

HPC charging stations enable electric vehicles to be charged in the shortest possible time, minimizing downtimes and maximizing efficiency.

Robust construction

HPC charging stations are designed for intensive use and demanding environments, which increases their reliability and durability.

Heavy goods traffic

With their high performance, HPC charging stations are ideal for fast charging of trucks, which improves the operating times of fleet vehicles.

Our manufacturers include:

Hardware services

Comprehensive services for your charging stations

In addition to providing high-quality hardware, Service4Charger offers a complete range of services to operate your charging infrastructure optimally. Our permanently employed Mobile Heroes are spread across the entire operational area and ensure that all necessary measures are implemented quickly and professionally. As a large and professional provider, Service4Charger stands for the highest quality and reliability in all areas of electromobility.

The Service4Charger sales team looks forward to your inquiries about charging infrastructure, hardware and installation.


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