Efficient operation and precise billing of your charging infrastructure

Reliable and legally compliant services for your charging stations
Operation and billing

Reduce complex administration

The operation and billing of charging stations present numerous challenges. Operators must ensure that the charging infrastructure functions reliably at all times, that charging processes are billed accurately and transparently and that all legal requirements are met. In addition, regular maintenance and updates are carried out to ensure the safety and efficiency of the charging stations. Managing different user groups and adapting to current changes in the law add to the complexity. Service4Charger is aware of these challenges and offers comprehensive solutions that make the operation and billing of your charging infrastructure much easier.

Charge company car at home, get electricity costs reimbursed

With our HomeCharge Pro solution, you enable your employees to charge their company vehicles conveniently at home and be reimbursed for the electricity costs incurred. Our comprehensive 360º offer includes the provision of a suitable charging station and its installation by our Mobile Heroes. We take over the billing of all company car charging processes for your employees at home as well as the technical management, testing and maintenance of the charging points.

With HomeCharge Pro, we offer pay-as-you-go billing for charging processes at your employees’ private charging points. Benefit from minimal process and personnel costs as we calculate and reimburse the electricity costs incurred on the basis of your employees’ individual tariff. HomeCharge Pro provides a seamless and efficient solution that reduces your administrative workload and increases your employees’ satisfaction at the same time.

Charging processes at the workplace, precisely billed

Optimize the use of your charging infrastructure at the workplace with precise and accurate billing of charging processes. Service4Charger offers you a comprehensive system that enables charging costs to be billed per user group. Our solution includes a user-friendly charging point management system that allows you to monitor and manage the charging processes of your employees and visitors. By using authentication media and various tariff options, we ensure that billing is transparent and accurate. With our support, you reduce the administrative effort and ensure a fair distribution of costs, which leads to greater satisfaction for all parties involved. Benefit from our experience and let us work together to develop a customized solution for your workplace charging infrastructure.

Public charging with flexible tariff options

Service4Charger enables you to bill the charging processes at your public charging stations precisely and individually. Our system supports different user groups and offers flexible tariff options so that you can record each charging process according to the individual charging tariffs. With our user-friendly charging point management system, you always have an overview of the use and costs of your charging infrastructure. Authentication media such as RFID cards and mobile apps ensure simple and secure handling for your customers. Our comprehensive solution reduces your administrative workload and ensures a fair distribution of costs. Rely on our expertise to ensure efficient and user-friendly billing of your public charging stations.


Optimal solution for operating and billing your charging stations

Through specialized services in the area of operation and billing of charging infrastructure, we offer you numerous advantages over independent implementation. We take on the complex tasks for you and ensure that your charging infrastructure is operated efficiently, legally compliant and cost-transparent. Put your trust in our experience and let us work together to develop a solution that meets your requirements and optimizes your processes.

Time saving

Our comprehensive services reduce your administrative workload and allow you to concentrate on your core business.

Cost control

Our solutions offer transparent and predictable costs, so you avoid financial surprises.

Expert knowledge

Benefit from our experience and expertise in the fields of electromobility and charging infrastructure.

Legal certainty

We ensure that all legal requirements and changes are consistently complied with.


With our permanently employed Mobile Heroes, we ensure that your charging infrastructure is ready for use at all times.


Our fair and transparent billing ensures a high level of satisfaction among your employees and customers.

Our advice

Comprehensive 360-degree advice on the entire process

Our aim is to enable you to implement your electromobility projects seamlessly and efficiently. We support you from the selection of the right hardware and professional installation to ongoing operation and billing as well as regular maintenance of your charging infrastructure. Rely on our expertise and our dedicated team to successfully realize your electromobility goals.

Alexander Zeibig will be happy to assist you with your operational and billing needs.

Operation and billing

Commission us with the operation and billing of your charging stations

Use the comprehensive services of Service4Charger to make the operation and billing of your charging infrastructure efficient and reliable. With our expertise, high-quality hardware, professional installation and ongoing service & maintenance, we offer you a comprehensive solution that meets all your requirements. Let us work together to successfully implement your electromobility projects and benefit from a transparent, legally compliant and future-proof solution. Fill out the contact form and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions and help you further.

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