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ChargePark Pro

The comprehensive solution for productive charging parks

ChargePark Pro offers solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of charge point operators. With our extensive experience in the installation, support, service and maintenance of large charging parks, we are the ideal partner for your project – whether HPC, DC or AC. Rely on ChargePark Pro to implement and operate your charging infrastructure efficiently and professionally. Our comprehensive services guarantee maximum reliability and maximum uptime for your charging stations.

Reasons for ChargePark Pro

As a large and professional provider, Service4Charger offers comprehensive solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of CPOs. With our extensive experience in the installation, support, service and maintenance of large charging parks, we are the ideal partner for your project.

Our team of highly qualified experts and certified technicians will ensure that your charging infrastructure runs smoothly and meets the highest standards. We take care of the complete planning and implementation of your charging park – from site analysis and grid connection planning to installation and commissioning. We ensure that all our HPC, DC and AC charging stations are optimally integrated and tailored to your specific requirements.

With our decentralized structure and mobile service teams, known as Mobile Heroes, we can respond quickly and efficiently to faults and carry out regular maintenance. This minimizes downtimes and maximizes the availability of your charging infrastructure. We also offer advanced load management systems and data-driven monitoring to continuously optimize the efficiency and stability of your charging stations.

Service4Charger understands the challenges and needs of charge point operators. We offer not only technical expertise and reliable service, but also comprehensive support in the use of subsidies and the implementation of user-friendly billing systems. Rely on Service4Charger as your external service provider and benefit from our experience, commitment and first-class service quality to make your charging infrastructure a success.


Your charging parks benefit from ChargePark Pro

With ChargePark Pro, your charging parks benefit from numerous advantages. Our solution ensures that your charging infrastructure is not only efficient and reliable, but also attractive, future-proof and environmentally friendly.

Scalable solutions

We offer HPC, DC and AC charging stations that can be flexibly adapted to your specific requirements and support future growth.

Optimized grid connections

Our experts provide seamless grid connections, including the integration of transformer stations, to ensure a reliable power supply.

Load management systems

We implement advanced load management systems to maximize the efficiency and stability of your charging infrastructure.

Data-driven monitoring

Through continuous monitoring and data analysis, we optimize the performance of your charging parks and provide insights for proactive maintenance measures.

Maintenance and service packages

Regular maintenance and preventive services by certified technicians increase the service life and reliability of your charging parks.

Fast response to faults

With our decentralized structure and Mobile Heroes, we guarantee fast response times and minimize downtimes.


Simple and efficient implementation in four steps

Service4Charger makes the transition to electromobility as uncomplicated and efficient as possible for your company. With our structured and professional process in four clearly defined phases, we guarantee smooth implementation and maximum satisfaction for your employees. Rely on our extensive experience and expertise to set up your charging infrastructure quickly and reliably. Discover how easy and effective electromobility can be with HomeCharge Pro.

Step 1: Location analysis and planning

The first step towards a successful charging park is a thorough site analysis. Our team will sit down with you to review construction plans, drone footage and power grid configurations. We take into account whether your charging park can be connected to the low-voltage grid or whether an additional transformer station is required for the medium-voltage grid. This precise planning is crucial to determine the best location and ensure that your charging stations are accessible at all times.

Step 2: Grid connection and approval

Once the location has been determined, we apply for the grid connection with the responsible grid operator. We check the required connected load and clarify the technical conditions for connection to the medium-voltage grid. We ensure that all the necessary control mechanisms such as telecontrol technology and load management systems are installed in advance.

Step 3: Material procurement and construction planning

Forward-looking material procurement is essential in order to keep to the construction schedule. We secure time-critical components at an early stage and plan the construction in close coordination with you and the construction partners on site. Thanks to optimized project management and effective warehousing, we can significantly shorten the construction time and ensure that your loading park is ready for use quickly.

Step 4: Construction phase and installation

Once the planning has been completed and the materials are available, the actual construction of the loading park begins. We coordinate the work on site, from laying the cables to installing the charging stations. During the construction phase, we are in close contact with you, the network operator and the trades carrying out the work to ensure that everything runs smoothly. Our HPC, DC and AC charging stations are powered by electricity from renewable sources, which makes an additional contribution to sustainability.

Step 5: Commissioning and training

Once the construction work is complete, the charging park will be put into operation. This will take place as part of an official opening ceremony, at which the successful cooperation and the ecological benefits will be celebrated. We provide your employees with comprehensive training in the use and maintenance of the charging stations and ensure that all processes are documented transparently.

Cost consideration

Efficiency and reliability

For charge point operators (CPOs), the decision of whether to set up and manage their charging infrastructure themselves or outsource it to an external provider is of central importance. Working with a specialized partner such as Service4Charger brings numerous economic benefits that lead to significant cost savings and greater operational efficiency in the long term.

Fast response times and cost efficiency thanks to Mobile Heroes

Building up your own network of technicians who are available around the clock represents a huge fixed cost. With its Mobile Heroes, Service4Charger has a decentralized team of experts who can react flexibly and quickly to faults. This minimizes downtimes and maximizes the availability of your charging stations without you having to bear high fixed costs for personnel and infrastructure.

Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for maximum uptime

Service4Charger offers comprehensive service level agreements that guarantee high uptime for your charging infrastructure. With fixed response times and regular maintenance, we ensure that your charging stations are always ready for operation. This protects you from the high costs that can arise from hardware failures and ensures customer satisfaction. Find out more about Reliability as a Service.

Minimize downtime costs and protect your reputation

Frequent outages and technical faults can not only cause high costs, but can also significantly damage your company’s reputation. Service4Charger ensures that your charging infrastructure works reliably and thus prevents negative effects on your reputation. With ChargePark Pro, you benefit from our extensive experience and technical expertise, reducing downtime to a minimum.

Focus on your core business

By outsourcing the installation and maintenance of your charging infrastructure to Service4Charger, you can concentrate on your core business and use your resources more efficiently. Our customized solutions and professional service ensure that your charging infrastructure is operated optimally while you can focus on the strategic development of your business.

Alexander Lummert is your contact person for ChargePark Pro.

ChargePark Pro

Design your charging parks reliably and profitably with ChargePark Pro

Working with Service4Charger not only offers you economic benefits, but also ensures that your charging infrastructure is always state of the art and meets the highest quality standards. Rely on ChargePark Pro to make your charging infrastructure cost-efficient and reliable. Simply fill out the contact form below and our team will get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions and help you further.

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