The optimal charging solution for company cars at home

Reliable solution for convenient and efficient charging of your company vehicles at your home charging point.
Charging company cars at home

Customized charging solutions for your employees

HomeCharge Pro is the ideal solution for making it as easy as possible for your employees to charge their company cars at home. This allows you to offer your employees an uncomplicated and comprehensive solution for charging their company cars. With HomeCharge Pro, we take care of the entire process – from ordering to installation and maintenance – and ensure that your charging infrastructure always runs smoothly.

What is HomeCharge Pro?

HomeCharge Pro is a customized solution from Service4Charger that enables companies to allow their employees to conveniently charge their company cars at home. Instead of individual employees commissioning and organizing the installation, the company takes care of providing the charging infrastructure centrally for all employees concerned.

The use of intelligent, calibration-compliant charging stations ensures networked and automated billing of charging processes. Employees can coordinate their installation appointments via a password-protected portal, while the employer can keep an eye on the progress and status of the individual installations. This ensures transparency and efficiency throughout the entire process.

In addition to installation, Service4Charger also offers comprehensive service and maintenance services to ensure optimum operational readiness of the charging points. Companies benefit from predictable costs and increased employee satisfaction, while employees can enjoy the advantages of a professionally installed and maintained charging infrastructure.


HomeCharge Pro - the best choice for your employees

HomeCharge Pro offers companies a comprehensive and efficient solution for equipping their company car fleet with home charging points. This customized solution not only increases the satisfaction of your employees, but also ensures predictable costs and seamless integration of electromobility into your company. Discover six reasons why HomeCharge Pro is worthwhile for your company:

Central administration

The central organization by the employer ensures efficiency and transparency throughout the entire roll-out process for your employees.

Customized solutions

Individual adaptations and professional advice ensure optimal charging infrastructure for every employee.

Employee portal

Employees can conveniently coordinate installation details via a password-protected portal that is customized to your brand.

Intelligent charging stations

Networked charging stations that comply with calibration law enable automated billing of charging processes - you choose the models in advance.

Maintenance included

Regular maintenance and services ensure maximum operational readiness and safety of the charging points.

High employee satisfaction

The central and professional provision of charging stations for your employees ensures a high level of satisfaction.


Simple and efficient implementation in four steps

Service4Charger makes the transition to electromobility as uncomplicated and efficient as possible for your company. With our structured and professional process in four clearly defined phases, we guarantee smooth implementation and maximum satisfaction for your employees. Rely on our extensive experience and expertise to set up your charging infrastructure quickly and reliably. Discover how easy and effective electromobility can be with HomeCharge Pro.

Step 1: Uncomplicated commissioning of HomeCharge Pro

Order the right HomeCharge Pro solution for your employees. Our experts are at your side right from the start and will advise you on the selection of the optimum hardware.

Step 2: Expert preparation for your employees

Our Mobile Heroes visit your employees' installation site to carry out a thorough pre-check. They check installation locations and technical requirements in order to plan each installation precisely and tailor it to your individual needs.

Step 3: Installation, commissioning & smooth registration

After the pre-check, the charging solution is installed and commissioned. Our experts ensure maximum safety and efficiency. We take care of registration with the network operator and in the customer portal. You don't have to worry about anything - we take care of everything for you.

Step 4: Convenient charging & transparent billing

Your employees can now easily charge at home and benefit from maximum convenience. The charged energy is billed via our user-friendly customer portal. Everything is transparent and you always keep control of the costs.

Standard installation

Our standard installation at a fixed price includes everything you need for a safe and reliable wallbox for your employees:

  • Arrival and departure of our Mobile Heroes
  • 15 meter cable
  • Two wall ducts
  • Installation of an RCD
  • Installation of a miniature circuit breaker
  • Professional installation in accordance with DIN VDE 0100-722 standards
  • Electrical connection of the charging unit to the mains at the installation site
  • Carrying out a comprehensive electrical & technical function test
  • Detailed introduction to the basic operation of your charging station
  • Integration into our backend for easy management and monitoring
  • Creation of a comprehensive commissioning and data log

If additional work is required, this will be discussed in detail in advance. Approval for any additional expenses is given by your fleet manager. Any additional costs will be invoiced once.

Simple reimbursement of costs

Service4Charger uses Monta, a leading digital solution, to enable employers to reimburse the energy costs of charging their employees’ company cars at home. Monta connects the home charging station directly to the employer’s digital account, simplifying the entire process. The employer can flexibly set the reimbursement price per kWh and the reimbursement amount is automatically transferred from the employer’s account to the employee’s account. This innovative solution ensures uncomplicated billing and increases the satisfaction of your employees, which promotes the acceptance of electric mobility in your company car fleet.

Professional maintenance for HomeCharge Pro

We know how important a trouble-free charging infrastructure is for the success of your company and the satisfaction of your employees. That’s why we attach great importance to regular, precise maintenance to ensure optimum performance and minimum downtime. Our experienced experts are passionate about ensuring that your employees’ charging points are operational at all times.

We carry out thorough maintenance on the AC charging points installed at your employees’ premises once a year to ensure maximum safety and reliability. Our comprehensive maintenance package ensures that your employees can always use a functional and safe charging infrastructure:

  • Convenient service: We take over the entire organization of maintenance and come directly to your employees’ installation sites.
  • Precise inspection: Our experts thoroughly check every charging point to ensure optimum functionality.
  • Standard-compliant testing: Repeat tests in accordance with DIN VDE 0702 and DIN EN 61557 (VDE 0413), including test seal, document compliance with the highest safety standards.
  • Detailed documentation: Complete reporting of all maintenance work for your records.

Our regular maintenance services ensure that your employees’ charging infrastructure works reliably at all times. This not only increases the satisfaction of your employees, but also supports the smooth integration of electromobility into your company. You can rely on our proven expertise to provide optimum support for your charging infrastructure and secure it in the long term.

Alexander Evranos is your contact person for HomeCharge Pro.

HomeCharge Pro

Successfully implement e-mobility in your fleets with HomeCharge Pro

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