The advantages of smart charging for your company

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There is no doubt that the electrification of transportation will have a positive impact on both society and the environment. However, replacing a large proportion of our vehicle fleet with electric vehicles (EVs) will have a significant impact on our electrical infrastructure. Critics have expressed doubts about the ability of our current grid systems to cope with these additional power flows.

For example, the simultaneous charging of many electric vehicles after work between 5 p.m. and 8 p.m. leads to an increased demand for electricity. The grids that transport this electricity and our generation capacity would have to be significantly expanded to meet this demand, which could lead to higher electricity costs for users. For electric vehicle owners, companies with charging stations and grid operators, serious problems could arise if the EV infrastructure continues to rely on conventional charging points that only supply a constant amount of electricity until the vehicle is fully charged.

Intelligent charging could be the solution to these challenges. This is a technology that intelligently controls the charging of electric vehicles in order to prevent overloading or instability of the grid. Smart charging enables the vehicle, the energy supplier and the charging operator to “communicate” and optimize charging through data connections. Smart charging will therefore be necessary to ensure that the introduction of electric vehicles is a smooth transition and not a catastrophic disruption.

Advantages of smart charging

Normally, electric vehicles are simply plugged in and charged, drawing as much power from the grid as necessary. However, intelligent charging enables grid operators to optimize the energy supply for electric vehicles. In other words, individuals can control their energy consumption in response to high and low energy demand. This enables them to offer their customers more reliable services. Through data connections, similar to a cloud, smart chargers “communicate” with the connected vehicles, the energy supplier and the owner of the charging station. Thanks to these data connections, charging operators can measure and control energy consumption and power levels remotely and in real time. Smart charging gives grid managers the ability to create dynamic, connected energy systems that can withstand future peaks in demand for electric vehicle charging. Grid operators can provide the best service for their customers by avoiding power outages and always delivering electricity when it is needed, despite unforeseen increases in demand, giving their business a bright future.

The intelligent terminal is described as networked, in contrast to the regular terminal. In other words, for it to work, it must be connected to the Internet, which allows the terminal to provide its user with various data (such as duration, speed or power of the charge) via a digital platform or directly via the user interface of the device terminal. This information will be helpful for companies to accurately calculate the cost of charging to customers. They are also useful for allocating the available energy to several vehicle groups or calculating the exact power consumption of vehicles in a company fleet. The intelligent terminal also offers remote access to the management and control settings of its energy consumption. Companies with a large number of charging stations can use intelligent stations to distribute the available energy capacity fairly. The intelligent terminal makes it possible to maximize charging without exceeding the capacity of the grid or even the fuse box by controlling the flow of electricity in this way and balancing the charging power according to peaks and overloads. This is an important option for load distribution when two electric vehicles are charged simultaneously at two terminals connected to the same circuit breaker.

A very interesting option for shared or public terminals is the ability to allow users to be added to some types of smart charging stations. For example, the residents of an apartment building who use a shared charging station can split the cost of charging between the different users. The smart terminal allows some companies to better manage access to electric charging for a specific segment of their customers (free or paid). As the intelligent terminal is connected to its user, it immediately reports any technical problems associated with its use. It also enables remote updating of some functions that may be required to ensure compatibility of the charging station with newly released electric vehicles in the future. Service4Charger may be able to help you if you are thinking of integrating this type of charging technology into your business or even your home.

It is not necessary to spend billions to expand the networks and accommodate more electric vehicles. Instead, operators can improve charging infrastructures to be more efficient, convenient and cost-effective for all stakeholders by harnessing the potential of smart charging to balance the grid.

The future is smart charging

It’s time to look at how electric vehicles are powered, in anticipation of a world with more electric vehicles than ever before. Consider this assessment as an opportunity to improve and digitize the way we distribute, use, produce and store electricity for future generations. Intelligent charging is at the heart of this change. It will help prevent power outages, improve energy efficiency, reduce costs and facilitate the transition to a greener energy system, especially in combination with bidirectional charging. The benefits will be felt along the entire supply chain, including users, companies, operators, supply networks and the environment.

Smart charging and Service4Charger: an indispensable offer for companies

Service4Charger has established itself as a leading provider in the field of charging infrastructure and offers a variety of intelligent charging solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of companies. By integrating smart charging technologies, companies can not only achieve their sustainability goals, but also maximize operational efficiency and cost savings.

Our intelligent chargers enable companies to optimize energy consumption and make the best possible use of available resources. This is particularly important at times of high demand, when the load on the grid is at its greatest. Using intelligent control systems, companies can ensure that their electric vehicles are charged at the most cost-effective times, which not only reduces energy costs but also promotes grid stability.

Advantages for companies and fleet management

For companies with large fleets, smart charging offers a number of advantages. The ability to monitor and control the charging process means that fleet managers can ensure that all vehicles are ready for use at all times. This is particularly important for companies that rely on the constant availability of their vehicles, such as delivery services or mobile service teams.

Furthermore, intelligent charging enables better management and distribution of energy capacities. This means that even with high capacity utilization and many vehicles charging at the same time, the energy is used efficiently without overloading the grid. The flexibility offered by intelligent charging systems ensures that companies can react quickly and efficiently to changes in demand.

Cost savings and sustainability

Intelligent charging not only offers operational advantages, but also considerable cost savings. By taking advantage of periods of low energy demand and avoiding peak loads, companies can significantly reduce their energy costs. This is particularly important at a time when energy prices are volatile and can have a major impact on operating costs.

In addition, smart charging contributes to sustainability by optimizing energy consumption and promoting the use of renewable energies. By integrating bidirectional charging, companies can not only draw electricity from the grid, but also feed surplus energy back into the grid, which contributes to grid stability and at the same time opens up additional sources of income.

Service4Charger: Your partner for smart charging solutions

Service4Charger offers comprehensive services in the field of intelligent charging infrastructure. Our solutions are designed to meet the specific requirements of each company while ensuring maximum efficiency and sustainability. From planning to installation and maintenance, we offer a complete service to ensure that your charging infrastructure always functions optimally.

Our Mobile Heroes, a team of permanently employed and specially trained specialists, ensure that every installation is carried out to the highest standards. They offer not only technical expertise, but also the flexibility and adaptability required to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving industry.


Intelligent charging is the future of electromobility and offers numerous advantages for companies, grid operators and the environment. By integrating smart charging systems, companies can maximize their operational efficiency, reduce costs and contribute to a sustainable energy future at the same time. Service4Charger is at your side as a reliable partner to enable this transformation and take your charging infrastructure to the next level. Invest in intelligent charging and secure a sustainable and successful future for your company.