Responsibility for a greener future

We promote electromobility through innovative technologies, social commitment and transparent corporate governance.
Our goals

Sustainability at Service4Charger

Imagine if mobility was not only convenient and efficient, but also sustainable and environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles are dominating the roads and the air we breathe is becoming cleaner. At Service4Charger, we are determined to make this vision a reality. Our journey began in 2019 and has a clear vision: to become Europe’s leading “can-do” provider for charging infrastructure and energy management. Today, we are proud to be actively shaping the future of electromobility and at the same time creating significant opportunities for our investors.

Our vision is to facilitate the transition to electromobility through innovative charging infrastructure solutions and comprehensive services. We rely on modern technology and excellent service to meet the highest standards in the industry. One of our greatest advantages in a time of skills shortages are our permanently employed electrical engineers, who are based across their area of operation. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in all aspects of our company – from planning and installation to the maintenance and operation of our charging infrastructure solutions.


Our green initiative

Reduction of the CO₂ footprint

Reducing our carbon footprint is a central component of our sustainability strategy. As soon as Service4Charger operates a charging station, every charging process is powered by 100% green electricity and actively contributes to reducing emissions. By providing efficient charging infrastructure solutions, we are promoting the spread of electric vehicles and thus helping to reduce emissions in transportation.

Sustainable technologies

We continuously invest in the development and implementation of sustainable technologies. We work closely with leading manufacturers of charging infrastructure to ensure that our products meet the highest environmental standards. Our intelligent charging infrastructure solutions are designed to optimize energy consumption and use resources efficiently.

Resource efficiency

Our sustainability strategy also includes resource efficiency measures. Recycling and reusing materials minimizes waste and reduces the environmental impact. Our products are durable and low-maintenance, which maximizes their service life and minimizes the need for spare parts. Our hardware-agnostic approach makes it possible to offer services regardless of the manufacturer of a charging station, i.e. even beyond its end-of-life cycle.

Social commitment

Our responsibility to the community

Diversity and inclusion

At Service4Charger, our employees and the community take center stage. Diversity and inclusion are not only promoted at our company, but actively practiced. Our corporate culture is based on respect, openness and cooperation. A diverse and inclusive working environment in which different perspectives and ideas are valued is particularly important to us.

Social projects and partnerships

At Service4Charger, we strive to actively develop social projects and partnerships in the future that improve the quality of life of people in the regions in which we operate. We plan to support local non-profit organizations and initiatives that are committed to social justice, education and environmental protection. Our aim is to bring about sustainable and positive change in our communities through our commitment.

Training and further education

The continuous development and training of our employees is another important part of our social commitment. We offer regular training and further education to ensure that our employees are always up to date with the latest technology and best practices.


Transparent and ethical corporate governance

Corporate guidelines and compliance

Transparent and ethical corporate governance is of the utmost importance to us. We ensure the highest standards of corporate governance and compliance through clear guidelines and processes. Our corporate guidelines cover topics such as data protection, labor law and environmental protection.

Transparent communication

Open and transparent communication is a central component of our governance strategy. We maintain an ongoing dialog with our stakeholders to keep them informed about our initiatives and progress in the area of sustainability. Our regular updates and reports provide insights into our environmental, social and governance measures and show how we are achieving our goals and overcoming challenges. This transparency strengthens trust and promotes cooperation with all parties involved.

Responsibility of managers

Our managers play a key role in implementing our sustainability strategy. You are responsible for ensuring compliance with our corporate guidelines and promoting a sustainable corporate culture.

Development fields

Future-oriented sustainability goals

Climate neutrality

One of our most important long-term goals is to achieve climate neutrality. We are continuously working to reduce our CO₂ emissions and minimize our ecological footprint. Our goal is to be climate-neutral by 2030 and make a significant contribution to combating climate change.

Innovation and digitalization

Innovation and digitalization are key drivers of our sustainability strategy. We continuously invest in the development of new technologies and digital solutions to improve our services and make them more sustainable.

Sustainable supply chain

A sustainable supply chain is another focus of our sustainability strategy. We work closely with our suppliers to ensure that they meet our high standards in terms of environmental and social responsibility.

At Service4Charger, sustainability is not just an abstract goal, but a fundamental conviction. Through our green initiatives, our social commitment and our transparent corporate governance, we are working towards setting standards in the industry. Our commitment to environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues drives us to develop innovative and sustainable solutions for electromobility. Together we can revolutionize mobility and bring about positive change.